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Powder Type - Epoxy

Available Finishes - Based on Gloss Finish :

red_btn Semi-Glossy

red_btn Satin

red_btn Matt

red_btn Dead Matt

Available Finishes - Based on Surface Finish :

red_btn Smooth

red_btn Texture

red_btn Structure

red_btn Hammer tone

red_btn Metallic

red_btn Antique

Typical properties :

red_btn Excellent chemical resistance

red_btn Excellent corrosion resistance

red_btn Excellent mechanical properties

red_btn Wear and abrasion resistance

red_btn Perfect adhesion

red_btn High surface hardness

red_btn High degree of surface hardness

Applications :

Shelving, fire extinguishers, Hospital equipments, Microwave ovens, Metal furniture, under body automotive parts, Battery, electrical instruments, drums.

Suitable for indoor applications however can be used for outdoor applications where colour and gloss durability not required.

Disadvantages :

red_btn Not Suitable for Outdoor applications

red_btn Poor over/heat bakes resistance

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