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Powder Type - Polyester - TGIC

Available Finishes - Based on Gloss Finish :

red_btn Glossy

red_btn Semi-Glossy

red_btn Satin

red_btn Semi-Matt

red_btn Matt

red_btn Dead Matt

Available Finishes - Based on Surface Finish :

red_btn Smooth

red_btn Texture

red_btn Structure

red_btn Metallic

red_btn Antique

red_btn Low Bake Powders

red_btn Wrinkle

red_btn Texture Metallic

red_btn In-built Metallic

Typical properties :

red_btn Good chemical resistance

red_btn Very good mechanical properties

red_btn Good corrosion resistance

red_btn Very good UV resistance

red_btn Excellent colour and Gloss resistance

red_btn Excellent outdoor resistance

Applications :

Architectural aluminum, steel and Galvanized materials for outdoor or indoor. Air conditioners, Agricultural machineries, automotive parts, Garden furniture, Lighting equipments, tractors ,wheel rims, Bicycles, Door and Window Fence poles ,Building products, Satellite dishes, domestic appliances.

Disadvantages :

red_btn Powder Toxicity is high due to TGIC Hardener

red_btn TGIC free powder is available on request

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