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Powder Type - Polyurethane

Available Finishes - Based on Gloss Finish :

red_btn Glossy

red_btn Satin

red_btn Semi-glossy

red_btn Matt

Available Finishes - Based on Surface Finish :

red_btn Smooth

red_btn Texture

red_btn Metallic

red_btn Antique

Typical properties :

red_btn Good chemical resistance

red_btn Good mechanical properties

red_btn Very good UV resistance

red_btn Very good exterior resistance

red_btn Very good colour/gloss retention

red_btn Thin film powder application

Applications :

Automotive wheels and trim, playground equipment and fluorescent light fixtures .Truck tool, wind shied wipers, lawns movers, golf carts, building facade panels, marine motors & drives, roofing tiles, vending machines, irrigation pipe, transformers, junction boxes, gas pumps ,propane tank and transport containers.

Disadvantages :

red_btn Picture frame effect is visible

red_btn More expensive than Polyester-TGIC powder

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